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A Robert Burns SRSNH Party

by Vose ~ January 9th, 2015

The January SRSNH Gathering features a Burns celebration staged by legendary NH dance caller and fiddler Dudley Laufman. As Betsy Woodman writes in the latest SRSNH newsletter (a member benefit!), “Bring your instruments, music, and dance shoes, and be prepared for anything!”

Dudley writes in the same issue about some of the many Burns Nights he has hosted over the years: “Back in the day the Manchester Scottish Dancers were asked to perform at a local Burns supper.  The meal was a poorly prepared church supper minus haggis let alone whiskey.  The piper was dismissed after one chune.  We, the dancers likewise.  Someone sang Auld Lang Zang, poorly. and the rest of the evening was songs from My Fair Lady, poorly.  There was a painting of Burns up front, and  I swear he was frowning through the whole sorry affair.

“Afterwards we retired to Jack McKelvey’s house with some fishermen and their wives from Glasgowport. They wore black suits and ties, mini skirts and high heel shoes.  Could they ever dance,  kicked up their heels on Petronella.  Said they never heard of the Royal Scottish Dance society until they came over here.

So we decided to hold our own Burns Night.  We learned how to make a haggis…found a full grown mutton ewe, got Teddy Gifford from Aberdeen to recite. Cyndi Dunbar sang The Lea Rig, I sang Corn Rigs.  Didn’t have a piper which gained us the wrath of a few folks but I said it was Burns Birthday, not a Scottish holiday…Burns mentions the pipes once in Tam O’Shanter.  He didn’t wear a kilt, didn’t even have a family plaid.”

SRSNH Gatherings are open to anyone, and are free!


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