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Serenading Soggy Sanbornton Shoppers

by Vose ~ September 25th, 2008

On September 12, Jack, the market master met me as I pulled into the parking lot. He performed a short song(1) and dance(2)  about how he now realized why, despite his readings of the weather forecasts and maps, it was already raining on the market – the SRSNH was playing and bringing some Scottish weather to complete the experience.  Because we were on a porch (“constructed with people like you in mind”), the rain didn’t put a damper on the music.  But it was definitely cooler than during the August monsoon, when the market was moved to the drier and warmer Town Hall.

The August 8 market day had seen our biggest turnout yet.  We numbered 14 musicians, including seven fiddles. The September performance was smaller but still enlivened a grey afternoon.

The potluck suppers afterwards also differed significantly.  August was our typical large group with a wide variety of foods, cold drinks, and conversation as we sat on the porch and watched the storm clear.  In September there were just a few of us at the table beside the fireplace with our mugs of tea.(3)   But the food and conversation were just as pleasant.

We’ll be playing at the Farmers’ Market again next summer – why not join us for music and all the rest?  If you’re lucky, George Randall will enliven the day with a few of his unique observations.

In addition to making music, at the September market we made up words. We discussed what the collective noun for jigs should be.  What do you think:  a juxtaposition of jigs, or a jigathon?
(1) A modest lament in a jocular minor.
(2) A sort of shuffle suitable for a retired colonel whose feet are getting wet.
(3) Are there other discriminating souls who think the proper tea for such weather is a well smoked Lapsong Souchong?

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