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Welcome, Julia Plumb!

by bwoodman ~ January 9th, 2016

On Jan 31, 2016, Julia Plumb will lead a workshop exploring ways to “dress up” a tune to make it one’s own and imbue it with emotional content. We will experiment with ornamentation, rhythmic emphasis, tone production, and arrangement ideas, using the tunes Haughton House, Hunt the Squirrel, and The Frost is All Over.
Julia is a fiddle player and teacher from Belfast, Maine. Years of attending and playing for contra dances, combined with her study of traditional dance music from Appalachia, Quebec, Scandinavia, Brittany, and the British Isles, has informed her rhythmic and lyrical playing style. Julia plays mainly in her duo, Velocipede, with Baron Collins-Hill. She teaches at Maine Fiddle Camp and The Acadia School of Traditional Music & Arts, in her private home studio, and in YouTube videos that are free for all to use – includes a teaching video and recordings for Hunt the Squirrel.)

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