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Welcome, Mari Black!

by bwoodman ~ December 27th, 2016

Our guest workshop leader on January 29, 2017, is Mari Black, 2015 & 2013 U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion, 2014 Glenfiddich Scottish Fiddle Champion, and 2014 & 2012 Canadian Maritime Fiddle Champion.

Mari’s topic is Fearless Flying!: Building, polishing, and performing MSR (March-Strathspey-Reel) sets. She explains, “We’ll dive into the nuts and bolts of creating a classic Scottish performance set…We’ll look at how to build interesting and engaging MSRs, discover how to capture the stylistic essence of each tune, and learn how to polish the whole thing up for a great performance. We’ll also address important areas such as stage presence, repertoire selection, and how to create a cohesive story line through the whole set.”

Open to the public, and free, thanks to the generous support of the Benjamin Couch Trust, administered by TD Wealth. Bring your friends!

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