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Work off Thanksgiving Dinner

by bwoodman ~ November 16th, 2016

Did you know music could be a weight loss technique? According to this source, a 65 kg (143 lb) musician expends a fair amount of energy, depending on the instrument he or she plays. Drums apparently burn the calories the fastest (290 per hour), then piano and violin (181), cello, wind instruments and guitar (145), and harp (122).

 So, if you eat too much on Thanksgiving, don’t despair. Come to the SRSNH session on November 27, learn new music, and meet new friends! For the gathering, Dave Wasilew has submitted a set of four classic tunes, and Bruce Cobb will demonstrate ways we can give them a Cape Breton or Prince Edward Island flavor.

Rehearsal of SRSNH concert sets will follow, led by Betsy Woodman. Newcomers are welcome to join in.

Looking forward to seeing you at the workout!


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